Pattern for Scrap Bandana

The pattern for Scrap Bandana is made in such a way that it is perfect for using the scraps you already have at home. The bandana is worked from the tip and towards the wide edge. In that way, you can use up all of your scraps, without the concern of not having enough yarn to get all the way to the tip. It is also really easy to find the perfect size of your bandana, as you just stop knitting when you think the size is perfect or you run out of scraps.

Size Guide

Small bandana: Approx. 50 cm / 20 inches wide

Normal bandana: Approx. 70 cm / 28 inches wide

Large bandana: Approx. 100 cm / 40 inches wide

Shawl: Approx. 150 cm / 60 inches wide

Yarn length pr 50 g

Recommended needle size

100 - 150 m

109 - 164 yards

EU 5.0 mm

US 8

150 - 200 m

164 - 219 yards

EU 4.5 mm

US 7

200 m - 250 m

219 - 273 yards

EU 4.0 mm

US 6

250 - 300 m

273 - 328 yards

EU 3.5 mm

US 4


st/sts = stitch/stitches

k = knit

p = purl

ndl = needle

M1R = Make one right leaning increase

M1L = Make one left leaning increase

CO = cast on

RS = right side

WS = wrong side

Sl = slip st

wyif = with yarn in front

Techniques in this pattern

M1R: Using left ndl tip, pick up the bar between 2 sts from back to front and knit this st. 

M1L: Using left ndl tip, pick up the bar between 2 sts from front to back and knit this stitch through back loop. 


CO 3 sts on the selected needle size.

p the first row

Now work the two following rows:

1. row (RS): Sl1 wyif, M1L, k until there is 1 st left on needle, M1R, k1.

2. row (WS): Sl1 wyif, p until there is 1 st left on needle, k1.

Repeat the two rows until the desired size is reached or until your scraps are used up.

Bind off.


Find videos of the increases on the 1st row here and here.